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An The High Chapparral war alles gut: die Titelmusik, die Szenarien, die Schauspieler. Die beste Western-TV-Reihe, die ich je im Fernsehen gesehen habe. 🌍 Robert. wunschliste.de 

What is most noticeable about The High Chaparral as opposed to other TV westerns are two things; it was actually filmed outdoors instead of on a soundstage, unlike large chunks of other TV westerns such as Rawhide and Gunsmoke and especially The Big Valley. Because of this the show and the actors have an authentic dirty and sweaty look to them appropriate to the period and place. I mean hey, cattle ranching in Arizona now is hard, sweaty and dirty, think about how is was before running water. The other thing I liked about it is that not only did the recurring characters not always get along, some of them flat out just didn't like each other. Kind of like in the real world and unlike other TV westerns. These distinctive features along with superb acting, writing, and technical work (just watching the shows makes me want to sweat) adds to up to one heck of a show. 🌍 Tom Jeffords. Internet Movie Database 

The High Chaparral was a highly acclaimed Western television show that premiered on September 11, 1967 on NBC. Created by the executive producer of Bonanza, David Dortort, (he also wrote the story for the two-part first episode) this successful series was exciting, original, realistic to the period, always well-written, and brought to life by consummate performers. It was so much more than Westerns that had come before, and has never been matched. During its four-year run, The High Chaparral told stories of "the mystique of the land - violent and cruel and strangely beautiful...of discovery and denial, fortune and failure." (Arizona Highways, 9/67). 🌍 The Official Bob Hoy Web Site www.bobhoy.com 

Vanno però segnalate alcune serie televisive che per la loro popolarità e per la loro indiscutibile qualità ancor oggi rimangono nell'immaginario degli spettatori che hanno almeno compiuto i quarantanni e che, per fortuna, numerose tivù private continuano a riproporre periodicamente, consentendoci così di far caso a quanto meno creativa e divertente sia diventata la fiction dei giorni nostri. Vale la pena di citare, quindi, il celeberrimo serial Ai confini dell'Arizona, che fu prodotto per dieci anni consecutivi dalla NBC statunitense e che i disegnatori Warren Tufts e Nat Edison trasposero a fumetti (negli albi che da noi pubblicava l'editore Cenisio) senza però riuscire a restituire del tutto la coinvolgente atmosfera che si avvertiva nelle avventure della brigata del ranch Chapparal. 🌍 Gianpaolo Saccomano: I CineFumetti Western.inkonline.info 

Created and produced by David Dortort, the genius behind Bonanza, the writing was superb with plenty of action and biting dialog. Everything about this series was real... the sweat, the dirt, the heat, the desert... even the Apaches who worked on the set as extras. The atmosphere was so realistic that the viewer could taste the dust. 🌍 The High Chaparral. thehighchaparral.com 

The great part about this show was the chemistry of its actors, including the ranch-hands and guest stars; The High Chaparral had a gritty, realistic feel to it that no other western ever quite achieved. When someone was suffering or dying in the cruel desert sun, it was time to go get a tall glass of ice-water. The Apaches were treated reasonably, too, in that they were hostile and the viewer knew why(land encroachment) without having it preached to them. There was piety in the Catholicism and no false piety in building up the Indians to be "noble savages"; the Apaches could kill very creatively and without remorse when they deemed it necessary.

Great show, because it was so realistic compared to other TV Westerns at the time. The ranch was convincingly out in the middle of nowhere in the 19th century. The regular characters were flawed but on the whole likeable. Two of them were Hispanic and actually spoke Spanish sometimes, with no contrived translations for the anglos in TV land. (They were also Catholic like me -- pretty rare on TV back then.)

The High Chaparral was a great show, especially Cameron Mitchell and Henry Darrow. They were great together. Yes, Blue Boy (Mark Slade) was a pain-in-the-neck, whiny character, but he was a big 'heart throb' in the teen magazines. 🌍 TV Guide. tvguide.com 

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