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Big John Cannon (Leif Erickson) hat in der Einöde Arizonas eine grosse Fläche Land gekauft. Darauf steht eine Ranch, HIGH CHAPARRAL genannt. Zusammen mit seinem Bruder Buck (Cameron Mitchell) und Sohn Billy Blue (Mark Slade) muss er seinen Besitz gegen Apachen verteidigen. Dabei stirbt Johns Frau. Hilfe bekommt er vom einflussreichen Mexikaner Don Sebastian Montoya (Frank Silvera). Dessen Tochter Victoria (Linda Cristal) hat sich in den Kopf gesetzt, Big John zu heiraten. Diese Heirat wird in Form eines Bündnisses zwischen den Cannons und den Montoyas besiegelt. Victorias Bruder Manolito (Henry Darrow) folgt seiner Schwester auf die Ranch und fortan kämpfen die Cannons und die Montoyas gemeinsam gegen alle Feinde, die ihnen ihren Besitz streitig machen wollen. Eine Westernserie, die bei den deutschen Zuschauern gut ankam. 🌍 Klaus Spillmann: Fernsehserien der 60'er Jahre: www.tvder60er.de 


The ranch house is composed of the five main cast members - John, Blue, Victoria, Manolito, and Buck - and most of the storylines concern one or more of them in some sort of life or death drama, be it Apache attacks on the ranch, cattle rustling on the range, terrorist activities in town, or just about anything else needing the circumvention of Big John to resolve. On several occasions, the storyline is sheer fun, and things are played for laughs.

John's first wife, Anna Lee, died in the first episode.

Along with the Cannon family, there were two servants over the years, Vaquero and Violeta. Vaquero arrived in the first episode, and he did all sorts of odd jobs, ranging from cooking to herding cattle. He always considered his first duty to be protector of the family. He left at the end of the second season. Violeta was seen sporadically and appears to be a whim of the writers. She had no permanent residence at the ranch the way that Vaquero did. 🌍 The High Chaparral Home Page: www.thehighchaparral.com 


Big John Cannon was the determined owner of the High Chaparral Ranch in the Arizona Territory in the 1870s. His better-natured brother Buck assisted. John's first wife was killed by an Apache arrow in the first episode. Her son Billy Blue, appeared in all but the last season which was no great loss as the character always seemed dim witted to me. Naturally, John immediately remarries the young and beautiful daughter of a local patron. Her brother, Manolito, whom I adored, accompanied her to the High Chapparal. In the last season, they killed off her father as the actor, Frank Silvera had died. 🌍 The Fifties Web: High Chaparral: fiftiesweb.com/tv/high-chaparral/ 

Le "Grand Chaparral" est le ranch de Big John Cannon, gros élever à Tucson, Arizona. Il vit avec son fils Billy "blue", sa seconde femme, une Mexicaine de bonne famille nommée Victoria, le frère de cette dernière, Manolito, et son propre frère, Buck, toujours célibataire grâce au poker et au whisky.

Cette famille devra affronter les hors-la-loi et, surtout, les Apaches de Cochise qui accepte mal la venue des blancs sur son territoire. La série a parfaitement fonctionné aux États-Unis puisque Leif Erickson et Cameron Mitchell sont devenus de véritables stars. 🌍 Jean‍-‍Christophe Brunot: Le Grand Chaparral - archives.emissions.ca

Telefilm western ambientato nel 1870 in Arizona dove vivono due famiglie. La famiglia Cannon propritaria dell'High Chaparral Ranch è composta da Big John Cannon e la moglie messicana Victoria (figlia di Don Sebastian Montoya), Buck fratello di John e Billy Blue figlio di John ma non di Victoria (la vera madre viene uccisa dagli Apache nel primo episodio). La famiglia Montoya proprietaria del Montoya Ranch è composta da Don Sebastian Montoya, suo fratello Don Domingo e il figlio Manolito. Naturalmente non mancano le lotte fra i cowboy e gli Apache confinanti. 🌍 www.serialtv.it: Ai confini dell'Arizona 

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